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Steel is an important basic raw material that is vital to economic development. The carbon emissions of global steel enterprises account for 7% of the global energy system emissions. To achieve the global target of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the near future, the steel industry is facing huge pressure and challenges to reduce emissions. Green steel, as a low-carbon or even zero-carbon emissions generated product, has increasingly become the focus of future development in the steel industry, and serves as the only way to the sustainable development of steel enterprises.

Following the recovery of the global economy after COVID-19 and the gradual normalization of life, the Singapore Green Steel Forum (SGSF) resumes as a fully in- person event on 23 May 2023 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. This is the first professional forum of SIFW with the theme of green steel, and it is also the first forum of SIFW this year. We welcome new and old friends to return to Singapore for the Forum after farewell three years, where top industry leaders, experts, scholars, investors, traders, manufacturers, and government officials from the global steel industrial chain will gather together. SGSF will focus on trends and approaches of green steel, market opportunities and challenges, corporate transformation, hydrogen steelmaking, technological innovation and artificial intelligence, industry policies and the sustainable development of the steel industry. We aim to create a green steel platform for all participating countries, institutions, and enterprises to promote themselves, meet potential partners and provide business opportunities.


新加坡交易所(简称“新交所”)是亚洲领先且备受信赖的证券及衍生产品市场基础设施,以最高监管准则运营股票、固定收益及衍生产品市场。同时,新交所还拥有并经营着“新交所可持续金融创新平台” (,籍此推动和构建可持续及绿色金融生态。
作为亚洲国际化程度最高的多元资产交易所,新交所约 40% 的上市公司和超过 80% 的上市债券均来自新加坡以外地区,并为环球客户提供上市、交易、清算、结算、托管及数据等一站式服务。新交所为中国、印度、日本和东盟的基准股票指数提供了全球流动性最佳的离岸市场,产品全面涵盖亚洲股票指数、大宗商品和货币等多种衍生品。新交所总部位于荣获AAA信用评级的新加坡,其风险管理和清算能力享誉全球。更多信息,请浏览

Green Esteel—全球成长最快的垂直一体化绿色钢铁运营商

Green Esteel是亚洲唯一一家低碳钢铁企业, 拥有成熟的气基直接还原铁(DRI) / 热压块铁( HBI)技术,提供高效的钢铁企业减碳方案。Green Esteel将通过领先的 产能扩张计划与实现全绿氢 “零碳” 钢铁的充分潜能,实现快速增长。 作为一家新加坡控股公司, Green Esteel在新加坡、印尼、马来西亚拥有低碳炼钢与 镍资源开发等业务,致力于成长为全球领先的垂直一体化绿色钢铁运营商。

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